Pool Life, Pool Parties, Pool Workouts

There is no reason to ever run out of things to do in the pool. In case you are at a temporary loss of ideas, we made a list. A big list. Come to this page whenever you need something new and exciting your backyard! We put links to many of these activities so you can read about them in-depth! 

1. Freestyle Swimming
2. Marco Polo
3. Sharks and Minnows
4. Aqua Cycling
5. Squat Jumps
6. Backstroke Swimming
7. Cannon Ball Contest
8. Treading Water
9. Breaststroke Swimming
10. Aqua Pilates
11. Treasure Hunt
12. Butterfly Swimming
13. Dice-Based Pool Workouts
14. Freeze Tag
15. Water Aerobics
16. Swimming Like an Animal
17. Underwater Races
18. Volleyball
19. Meditative Swimming
20. Beach Ball Games
21. Floating Contest
22. Swimming in Cold Water
23. Scavenger Hunt
24. Ball Catch
25. Aqua Yoga
26. Synchronized Swimming
27. Simon Says
28. Pool Noodle Exercises
29. Pool Basketball
30. Aqua Jogging

As always, make sure safety is a priority when doing any of these activities. Talk to a doctor and listen to your body when exercising in the pool. Remember that no one should swim alone.