Pool Life, Pool Parties

That step between getting out the water and into your house is always necessary and usually mundane. Want to change that? We found the most interesting and creative beach towels across the web. 

The Pizza Towel

The pizza towel comes in a rectangle and has pepperoni, black olives, and mushrooms. No customizations!

From Amazon

The Crime Scene

Is she the victim of a crime or asleep on her towel? You be the judge.

From Amazon 

The Mermaid Towel

Some towels are better used for tricking people than drying off.From Amazon

The "Nope"

Well, this is one way to tell others not use your towel. 

From Amazon 

The Towel Reservation

We have reservations for hotels, restaurants, and rental cars. Why not beach towels?From Ebay

Reservations for a Queen

The next step is to tell people that queens don’t have to dry themselves off.  

From Amazon 

The New Yorker Life Guard

Bring the New Yorker’s classic cover art to your towel and impress your well-read friends.From Amazon 

The $100 Bill

At least Ben Franklin will always be there to help dry you off.From Amazon  

The Marvel Avengers

Bring this year’s most popular movie to your beach towel with this inventive design.From Amazon

The SpongeBob Towel

This towel may or may not release water when you squeeze it. You have to test it for yourself. 

From Amazon