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Alright, swimmers. You've mastered the breaststroke. You can freestyle like Phelps. What's next? The "Swim Like an Animal" Challenge, that's what. Gather your friends and get ready for a good time!

"Swim Like aN Animal" Challenge

Below are 15 videos of different animals swimming. Try and match their swimming technique to the best of your ability! Maybe you'll end up creating your own swim stroke in the process!

1. Dolphin

2. Dog

3. Pig

4. Duck

5. Sea Lion

6. Sea Turtle

7. Horse

8. Alligator

9. Elephant

10. Manta Ray

11. Penguin

12. Snake

13. Frog

14. Hippo

15. Polar Bear

Please Note: This challenge should only be attempted by strong swimmers, and never, ever alone. Be safe and have fun!