Pool Life, Pool Workouts

Owning a pool or swim spa doesn’t have to mean lounging around all the time. You can turn your Mesa backyard swimming pool into a place for staying healthy. Get the benefits of going to the gym from your own backyard with these exercises geared toward shredding fat. 


Jogging in water is an alternative to normal jogging that can create more resistance and less pressure on your joints. The key is to lift up your knees and move your arms as if you were out of the water. You can begin by just jogging in place in the shallow part of your pool. Once that is mastered, actually jog from one end of your pool to another to create an even more effective workout. 


Aqua cycling first became popular in Europe, but know has spread to America. Whether you find a local class to join or do it in you backyard, aqua cycling can be a more beneficial alternative to traditional cycling. If you don’t have a cycling machine, you can replicate the workout by putting your back to the edge of the pool. After your arms secure the wall, do a pedaling motion on the surface of the water for one-minute intervals.  


In water, squat jumps have all the benefits of normal squatting with added resistance. Since you want to burn fat with cardio exercise, the goal is to do continuous squat jumps for brief intervals of time. The deeper into the water you go, the more resistance there will be. You will want to jump above the water with each squat.  


Treading water should involve both your feet and your hands. While you feet kick back and forth, move your arms horizontal to stay afloat. Set a timer and see if you can keep your head above the water for the entire period. For a more challenging version, move your arms in a circular helicopter motion. 


Remember to be safe! As with any form of exercise, you should consult your doctor and listen to your body. And no one should ever swim alone.