Pool Build Highlight: The Drinkwater Family of Gilbert, Arizona

Drinkwater Pool 5 2018

The Drinkwater family of Gilbert, AZ partnered with Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio to build their new backyard swimming pool. Below is a short interview about their experience working with Arizona's #1 rated pool builder. 


Drinkwater Pool 4 2018

Why is having a pool important to you and your family? 

Entertaining is a big part of our spring and summer activities!
Having a pool and landscape designed with a very warm, comfortable feeling is important to us because our backyard is such a big part of our weekend! It provides us with moments of relaxation every day!

Which features were most important to you in designing your pool?

I wanted to make sure the appeal and design "flow" from the front door to the backyard were attractive and appealing!  The pool design colors match the interior theme and colors inside, which provides a very open place to entertain.   
Drinkwater Pool 2 2018

What advice would you offer to those just starting the pool building process?

Take your time designing!  Make sure the colors and overall structure of the pool is designed that matches your needs.
Go the extra mile and purchase the necessary upgrades - it will be beneficial in the long run! 
 Drinkwater Pool 3 2018

Why did you choose Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio as your pool builder? 

I interviewed four different pool companies, and found Presidential to be the most flexible, design-friendly, and willing to work with customers in every aspect.
The pool upgrades were exactly what I was looking for; and Colton was incredible to work with!

What do you like most about your pool now?

EVERYTHING!!  It's an amazing investment that has many benefits and will add to the value of the home!
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