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Building a swimming pool in 6 to 8 weeks requires a lot of construction work. Of all the phases of pool construction, excavation can be the most involved. But by knowing what will happen, we hope to keep your mind at ease during the dirtiest part of the building timeline. 

Excavation is the process of removing dirt to create a hole in the ground that eventually becomes the pool area. The step comes after a painted layout is completed over your property.

Excavation is usually the nosiest part of pool construction. Most of the pool building does not get near as loud. Before excavation begins, your building design consultant and project manager will ask whether there are any time-of-day working guidelines to follow. Generally, pool construction crews will work during daylight hours.

A successful excavation requires some heavy machinery and results in a lot of dirt. This means a lot of different parts going in and out of your backyard. For every job, the home is assessed to figure out the best entryway for construction. If it is determined that heavy machinery will have to go over precarious parts of your home and lawn, you will be notified pre-construction of any possible risks of damage.

Once all the dirt has been hauled away and the pool outline is formed, the excavation process has finished and the reality of owning a pool gets one step closer.