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3 Pool Designs for Small Backyards

People often ask us how much space they need in their backyard to fit a pool. There's no one answer to this, but it's generally less than you'd expect. To show you what's possible in more compact backyards, we've gathered a few of our pool designs for smaller backyards.


Pool Design #1: The Wraparound

This Arizona family wanted to make the most of the space in their backyard. To help them maximize their space, Presidential Pools designer Andy Lepich created a pool design that actually curved around the house. This type of creativity has the potential to totally redefine the possibilities of your backyard!



Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 10.04.08 AM.png

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Pool Design #2: The Mini Resort

This compact backyard design by Doug Boston has it all! Two separate lounging areas, fire features, a sheer descent waterfall, and an in-pool sitting area. Oh yeah, and there's a custom spa! This pool design proves that you don't need to compromise just because you don't have a huge backyard.



Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 10.31.01 AM.png

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Pool Design #3: A Classic

The Larson family was able to get every feature they wanted in their pool while saving room for a seating area and fire pit! Their shaded baja shelf and lounger are perfect for enjoying the pool out of the sun. Then they added a shelf under their sheer descent waterfall to enjoy the Arizona sun!



Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.49.44 AM.png

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We hope these pool designs were inspiring to you! No matter the size of your backyard, we have a solution for you. After building 27,000+ pools in 27+ years, we've come across every backyard you can imagine, and have constantly been surprised what a little creativity can do to transform even the most compact backyard spaces. 

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