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Mediterranean and Grecian/Roman Swimming Pool Designs with Linnzy Foster

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Today we're talking about Mediterranean inspired Grecian/Roman swimming pool designs with Linnzy Foster, one of our amazing pool designers. Throughout the post you'll see two beautiful examples of this style that Linnzy recently completed.


Who might consider a mediterranean design?

Mediterranean designs are great alternatives to geometric designs for the client who is seeking something sleek, yet classically elegant.

Unlike geometric pools, the detail on corners are slightly curved to soften the overall feel and look while keeping symmetry in mind.

The term “softening lines” correlates with reducing the amount of 90 degree corners on a pool. Adding a 45 degree curve or giving a long line a slight curve adds to the overall look and gives dimension to ordinary straight line design.

When were mediterranean swimming pools most popular? Do you see them making a comeback?

Mediterranean pools have always been a great option to those who aren’t 100% certain on a freeform or geometric style pool. This option jumped up in popularity in the last 5 years with modern interior design gaining popularity.

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I expect characteristics of these mediterranean designs to gain more attention as design continues to develop in interior and exterior home design.

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What types of lifestyles fit best with a Mediterranean pool design?

The client looking to utilize a Grecian/Mediterranean style pool tends to be someone who enjoys entertaining or just wants to have a showpiece for a pool/spa.

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The yards are usually finished with travertine or other stone decking options to give a slight old-world feel. Landscaping is also a critical for the success of this look. Plush green plants and vibrant flowering shrubs strategically placed can sustain the continuity of symmetry throughout the yard.

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What is the biggest concern people have with Grecian swimming pool designs?

I believe the biggest concern people have whether or not this look works for their home. Most homes have straight lines without curves, so introducing this in the backyard causes doubt in some. The beauty of working with a Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio designer is that you can see what it will look like in a 3D rendering. This way, you know it’s perfect before committing to anything. 


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