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Pool Design Spotlight: An All-Season Oasis


The water and fire features were added to create interest and draw people to the backyard from inside the house. They also create a fantastic ambience when entertaining.

Marc Scott, pool designer at Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio, is known for his luxury backyard designs, and those skills are on full display in this particular backyard.

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This design features a large spa area (learn why below), a fire pit area, sail shades, premium materials, custom tiling, a thoughtfully planned outdoor kitchen, and much more. 

You can learn a lot about pool design from talking with Marc, so we've interviewed him below. Enjoy!



What was the family's goal with this pool? How did that influence the design?

The family spends a lot of time entertaining and one of their biggest goals was to have a spa area large enough to accommodate large parties. So the pool design is primarily centered around the spa and fire pit area.

The water and fire features were added to create interest and draw people to the backyard from inside the house. They also create a fantastic ambience when entertaining.

Tell us about the outdoor living areas in this backyard. The grill, the raised bar, the seating areas, etc.

The whole backyard was designed with entertaining in mind.

The grill area is at the patio level which makes it easier to navigate to with large plates of food while cooking. The bar seating allows the grill master to engage with guests while tending to the food.


How did you decide on sail shades? 

The sail shades were chosen to create a modern and airy feel to the space. Most shade structures have a “heavy” feel to them because of the supports required, sail shades feel much lighter.

The sail shades are also able to give great protection from the sun while creating very little distraction at the pool level.


What are your favorite design elements of this backyard?

My favorite part of the design is the spa and fire pit area. Stepping down into the fire pit area creates a very cozy feeling while maintaining easy access to the spa. This is an area of the yard that will be popular in every season.

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This backyard features some beautiful materials. Can you tell us how you went about selecting the stone, tile, and decking used?

We have a tremendous amount of resources in our design center and through our vendors for picking materials, so the selection of materials for a project like this typically entails multiple visits to our showroom. This way the client can really get a feel for their favorite materials: how they look and feel over time and in different combinations.

The main goal is combining materials that will provide contrast while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic for the project.PP041718-014

Is there anything else you'd like to mention about this design?

The LaFlam family was a pleasure to work with and I’m positive they will create a lot of memories over the years in this backyard.


Bonus: Marc's appearance in this video about the presidential process


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