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Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2023

As the summer sun shines brightly and temperatures rise, there's nothing quite like taking a refreshing dip in a swimming pool. In 2023, swimming pool design trends have evolved to offer a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. From sleek and modern styles to eco-friendly innovations, we explored the current swimming pool design trends that are making a splash this year.

  1. Naturalistic Oasis:

One of the prevailing trends in swimming pool design is creating an oasis-like atmosphere by seamlessly blending the pool with its natural surroundings. Designers are incorporating elements like rock formations, waterfalls, and lush landscaping to evoke a sense of serenity. These pools often feature organic shapes, free-flowing lines, and earthy materials to mimic natural bodies of water, ensuring a harmonious connection with the environment. 57343520_2182994941776804_6172681621481717760_n



  1. Vanishing Edges and Infinity Pools:

Vanishing edge pools, also known as infinity pools, continue to captivate pool enthusiasts. These designs create an illusion where the water appears to merge with the surrounding landscape, seamlessly blending the pool's edge with the horizon. With advancements in engineering, these pools can be installed in various settings, including rooftops, hillsides, or overlooking breathtaking views. The effect is visually stunning, offering a sense of boundlessness and tranquility.Anthem-22


  1. Smart Pool Technology:

With the rapid growth of smart home technology, swimming pools are no exception to the integration of intelligent features. From automated water treatment systems to Wi-Fi-enabled controls, smart pool technology is revolutionizing the way we maintain and enjoy our pools. These systems allow owners to monitor and adjust water temperature, chemical levels, lighting, and even control features such as fountains and water jets, all from the convenience of their smartphones.intelliconnect-pool-control-monitoring-system-ecomm-product-image.png.thumb.1280.1280



      4. Sustainable Solutions:

In line with the growing emphasis on eco-conscious living, sustainable swimming pool designs are on the rise. These pools utilize environmentally friendly technologies such as energy-efficient pumps, solar-powered heating systems, and water conservation measures. We have many options to keep your pool maintenance efficient and energy-saving. By embracing sustainability, pool owners can reduce their ecological footprint while enjoying their personal oasis.

     5. Fire and Water Features:

Combining the contrasting elements of fire and water has become a popular trend in contemporary pool design. Fire features such as fire pits, fire bowls, and torches are strategically placed around the pool to create a mesmerizing ambiance, especially during evening gatherings. The juxtaposition of the cool water with the warmth and flickering glow of the fire adds an element of drama and sophistication, enhancing the overall pool experience. We have a variety of fire and water features to view inside our Gilbert Pool Park.

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In 2023, swimming pool design trends have evolved to cater to various preferences and lifestyles. Whether it's a naturalistic oasis, an infinity pool with breathtaking views, or a sustainable plunge pool, the options for creating a unique and inviting swimming pool are abundant. With the integration of smart technology and a focus on sustainability, pool owners can enjoy their personal slice of paradise while minimizing their environmental impact. So, if you're ready to dive in, click here to get started with one of our Pool Designers!