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Adding Value to Your Home with a New Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your home can be a valuable investment in many ways. Not only does it provide a fun and refreshing way to beat the summer..

Pool Design Spotlight: The Great Wall of Fire in Gilbert, Arizona

Linnzy Foster, designer at Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio, talks about a beautiful recent project completed for an active family of five in the..

Mediterranean and Grecian/Roman Swimming Pool Designs with Linnzy Foster

Today we're talking about Mediterranean inspired Grecian/Roman swimming pool designs with Linnzy Foster, one of our amazing pool designers...

A Swimming Pool Designer's Backyard: Doug Boston

Today we're featuring a special interview with one of our amazing swimming pool designers, Doug Boston. Enjoy! To get us started, can you tell us..

Pool Design Spotlight: An All-Season Oasis

The water and fire features were added to create interest and draw people to the backyard from inside the house. They also create a fantastic..

Backyard Transformation: The Work of an Arizona Pool Builder

What would your backyard look like with a swimming pool? Dead grass, dirt, gravel, weeds. Your backyard doesn't need to be an eyesore. In fact, your..

Pool Design Spotlight: Collaborative Geometry

Many of the best pool designs come out of collaborations between expert designers and passionate homeowners. This pool is a great example of this...

Avoid Pool Builders with These 11+ Traits

More than once, we've had panicked Arizona families call us and tell us they have a giant hole in their backyard and a pool builder that won't call..


A backyard pool is an incredible new addition by itself. But when you consider all of the healthy lifestyle habits it can bring, it becomes life..


Presidential Pools works with the top companies in the area to bring your pool the best products. One of those products, the pool cartridge..